Monday, 11 July 2011

Language Learning – Beyond the Text Book

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English (insert Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and of course, the world’s no. one language Dutch) is not a text book!!!
I’ve heard many times ‘English is boring, English is difficult’, usually from little kids but also from adults too. But what they call ‘English’ isn’t English at all. The English they are talking about is the over analysed ‘English’ that they are taught in schools. Where a simple sentence is made into a complicated beast thanks to too much grammar explanation and not enough actual use of English.

So let’s get this straight. English is not boring. English is WONDERFUL (any language is). And in so many amazing ways.

Movies. Hollywood, British. God dam it, even Australia has produced many fine movies. If you’re bored with your textbook, why not watch a movie in English.

TV seriesEnglish TV made easier. Yabla English TV, TV with subtitles in some languages.

Games – set the mode to English and get the language drummed into you whilst you fight ghosts, conquer the world and become beautiful.

Audio Books

Comics - A crazy one and a visual list of English comics

Youtube - Look and learn English Videos.


If you’re getting bored of English (or whatever language you are study) it time to look at your material. Are you just using a text book? Text books are noted for their boringness, if you’re bored of them get some real English. English that you enjoy.

It’s not a sin!

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  1. I agree, learning a language should be fun. One of the key principles in Krashen's theories of acquiring a second language is that the learner should have lots of language input, not only at their level, but about something which is interesting for them! So if the learner thinks it's boring, it's no wonder they won't be learning! However, if there is a movie, book, story, conversation, TV series, song which the learner is deeply wanting to understand, see, read, or watch - then they are going to learn it because it's interesting to them! I find this true for me, too. It's not interesting going through a text book. But when there is something I'm desperate to understand what it means - I work hard at it and gain new vocabulary and grammar while trying to understand or communicate. (o: Anyway, I like what you had to say!