Friday, 18 February 2011

Learn English from Popular TV shows

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This blog is for intermediate and Advance learners of English

The internet has some amazing resources for English learners. I recently found out that a lot of TV shows have their transcripts up on the web. Shows such as Spongebob, Two and a Half Men, Sex and the City, Chuck and a whole load more.

Why use transcripts? Because this is how people speak! People don’t speak the English used in English text books. These TV shows are a much better example and they’re entertaining too. Also, by using transcripts you can first read and then listen, and this will give you more of a chance to understand.

I’ve also added a link from LukasEnglishPodcast. In a six minutes video, he talks about ‘subtitles’ in videos. He believes that it’s better to just listen to a video and not read ‘subtitles’ (or a transcript) at the same time. Watch his video for how to use listening and reading materials. Link at the bottom.

SpongeBob is fun. It’s written for adults as well as kids. So join in the fun! At Wikia, they have transcripts of many episodes of SpongeBob.

Sex and the City transcripts.

Two and a Half Men transcripts

Here's a list of transcripts for other TV shows from Twiztv

Lucas Video on using 'subtitle' and transcript for listening practice

In the future, I will create an English exercise using transcripts and ‘Youtube’
Thanks you for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s blogs.

Listen and your English will be great!

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  1. Watching American sequels does help a lot if you want to learn English. In time, if you're really interested in learning, you'll be able to adopt their accent and diction. =)

    Michelle Pendlelton