Wednesday, 20 July 2011

English - Reading on Youtube

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Some English reading resources that are on Youtube

Beginners and Elementary

Channel Appuseries

This Channel has lots of children stories and rhymes on video. There are pictures to help you understand and the text is read with a clear voice.

The Ginger Bread Man


This channel has short videos conversations. The conversations use simple language.

Daily Conversation

World English Club

World English has everyday conversations on video. They only provide text.

Short conversations with text

Douglas King

This is from a book on rhymes. The meaning can be guessed from the pictures. The language flows easily and is good to read along to.

Teacher Phil

He has lots of videos on line. He reads and uses pictures to help with comprehension. He also describes the pictures.

Teacher Phil - vacations

Intermediate (possibly advance)

Easy Reader Jack

In this video Jack reads a book called 'Bicycle Shop Murder'. To read along with the video, you need to go to his website. Sound quality is not so good on this video.

Bicycle Shop Murder Video

Other articles for English Resources

Lingq English Reading Material

Easy English Videos - Watch and Learn

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