Friday, 13 May 2011

Videos to watch to help you with English

This is for English Learners

Why watch ‘how to’ videos?

• These videos are relatively easy to understand from just watching.
• It’s real English! This is for English speakers and it’s how they speak.
• There are ‘how to’ videos for most subjects. Pick something you like and you know well and this will make the ‘videos’ even easier.
• ‘How to’ videos can be quite active. If you follow the actions, you’ll learn better.
• Helps you get more use to English

Don’t worry

• You don’t need to know every word.
• You more you watch English TV, especially kids TV, ‘how to’ and stuff that you are interested in, the easier the English is to understand.

When choosing ‘how to’ to watch. Choose ones that you enjoy! If you don’t like ‘how to do a sport’ type of video, DON’T WATCH IT.

Here are some examples

Diethealth is a Youtube channel aimed at women who want to get thinner and improve their health. The videos I’ve seen are American English. Some are good, like the ones above where the language is everyday stuff, there are a few videos that have more ‘technical English’.

This is a video from expertvillage. They have an incredible 138,597 videos online. I guess that they cover all sorts of topics. They also have many videos related to health and diet.

This is from Howcast. They have lots of videos too. The language is fun, easy to follow and it’s something that most adults are familiar with.

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