Monday, 24 January 2011

Languages I'm learning and plan to learn

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I can currently speak some Chinese and have been listening to lots of German. I plan to start learning Dutch in April.

So my current language priorities are;

1. German
2. Chinese
3. Dutch

German - the Plan


• Listen to two hours a day
• Find some German speakers, make friends/contact with them
• Setup a language exchange with a German speaker that will run throughout February.


• Listen two hours a day
• Use it in shops, even though I’m in the Netherlands, we’re on the border.
• Be in a German ‘social’ environment for at least 5 hours per week.



I'm only listening to Chinese. If I'm to keep my Chinese, then I'll need to find some Chinese speaking contacts. I currently know one in Venlo. There's a Chinese club in Eindhoven that I'll contact next week and there's Chinese restaurants in Tegelen and Venlo, so finding Chinese speakers isn't a problem.


Why is it the number three priority when I live in the Netherlands? Good question, it's mainly because I started German when I was in the UK - German material is easier to get than Dutch material and also I want to learn Dutch in a very specific way. There is also another reason that I want to start it a bit later. I want to have 'willing' Dutch friends who will be able to teach me in the way that I want. I will write more about the method I plan to use later.

Dutch will become my number one priority in April.

So those are my language learning priorities at the moment. Let me know, if you're learning a language too. Especially, German, Chinese or Dutch.

Cheers everyone!

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