Thursday, 20 January 2011

English Video - In the Garden

I made this video last year, when I was living in Taiwan.

I describe what you can see or hear in the video. I use spoken rather than book English. The script is also provided as well as some questions to encourage you to listen again to the video.

Exercises for “In the Garden Part One”

1st Listening

What floor do I live on?
What ‘word’ do Americans use for garden?

2nd Listening

There’s a little bit of noise on video. Where does it come from?
Which one’s bigger, a flowerbed or a flowerpot?
What’s wrong with some of the coffee trees?
How many anti-mosquitoes plants are there in the garden?
‘Anti’ in English means against. ‘Anti-mosquitoes’ plants – Are they good or bad for mosquitoes?

In the Garden Part One – The script.

Hi everyone, welcome to the garden, you’ll have to excuse the noise because we’re outside and there’s cars in the street below. Um, I’m lucky enough to live on one, two, three, four, on the fifth floor and lucky enough to have this garden. American would say yard, ok, in this yard, or garden, we’ve got a flowerbed, over here, we’ve got some plants and some weeds.

Hello, eh, over here in the yard, we’ve got some flowerpots, and …. Not very successful here, we’ve got some dead plants. These are dead coffee trees. These are live coffee trees. Ah, we’ve got this plant, this is a, it’s supposed to be an anti-mosquito plant, it’s a kind of pepper. And this is anti-mosquito as well and over here, we’ve got some chili plants. Can you see? This is a chili, and a little rose tree here. So, we don’t only have flowerbeds, but we’ve got flowerpots as well.

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